On the left is the
kitchenette that includes gas
stove and a microwave oven
which is  powered by one of our
electric generators like the one
shown below and is included in
each house

This view is from the rear of
the fish house. The main
fishing area is at lower part
of picture with kitchenette at
the top and the door is at the
top left of the pic.
This is the view from the
front with the bunks lowered
into the sleeping position.
This view is from the back of the house
with bunks lowered.
Kris has a Bombadier 275 Snow Cat  to clear the way for
easy transportation to and from all fishing locations!!!
Click on pics below to resize
All houses have tv,
dvd-player,microwave oven
stove top burners, electric
generator, lights, and electric
outlets. All but the 20' boars
nest have a conventional oven

We now have five Sleeper houses for  
rent. The 24', upper right pic, Three Big
20'ers are like the bottom two pics. The
20' Boars Nest, upper  left, now also
sleeps four.
The SnoBear rents for $300 @ day alone and with a sleeper house rental, it's $250 @ day.
The 24' and the 3 Big 20' houses sleep 4 and rent for $250 @ day.
The 20' Boars Nest sleeps 4 and rents for $225 @ day.
Click on this pic to see the SnoBear in action
New Slot Limit for Bitter Lake  has
started, 01/01/2016
Daily limit remains 4 walleyes, You may
keep 1 walleye 20" and over and any
under 20"
Call Steve Bronson for info and
reservations    @   
605 880-0635
FOR       RENT
GFP Commission Votes to Allow Anglers to Clean and Eat Fish on the ice
Pierre, S.D- The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) Commission voted to allow ice anglers to clean fish species, while on the ice, that do not have
water-specific size restrictions
Anglers fishing multiple days will also be able to keep a legally caught possession limit of fish while on the ice. Anglers would still have to adhere to the fish
transportation rule that requires fish to be readily countable.
Mike Herda's Fish  01/01/2017
Check-in Time is 9:00am
Check-out Time is 8:30am
Rattle reels
Houses on Bitter Lake only
Snobear on Bitter or Waubay lakes